Musical miscellanea

This is the page by the production staff of the World of Musical Instruments Collection.
We’ll write about various topics concerning music and musical instruments and episodes from behind the Lecture Concerts of the Hamamatsu Musium of Musical Instruments.
Those who love music and musical instruments do enjoy our blogs!

The list of musical miscellanea

A rough introduction to harpsichords by type

The sound of a harpsichord and a piano

What is Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments like?

Differences between a piano and a harpsichord –part 2, sheet music

The extras that “Nagauta Shamisen” DVD had no room to include

What is nagauta and what is nagauta shamisen?

What is the difference between a piano and a harpsichord? Part 1

What is the difference between Tsugaru-jamisen and other shamisens?