The Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments Lecture Concerts are a series of unique concerts where illustrious performers from home and abroad are invited and you can enjoy lectures on certain musical instrument as well as its live performances.
The lecture concerts re-create music from various countries and times into a small hall, for example, graceful sounds played in the French Versailles period, powerful sounds heard in an African field, and traditional solemn sounds came from ancient Japan.

This series of DVDs pack many of selected sounds and nice talks from the lecture concerts; performers and specialists gave many commentaries on the structure and materials of the instrument, on the culture and history of the country it was made, and on some episodes about the music pieces. Through their materials, forms, ways they make the sound, tones, and the music they produce, you will enjoy the world of musical instruments that vividly express the wisdom and feelings of the people who lived in each area and time.

Why don’t you come in contact with the music, history, and culture in the world through the “World of Musical Instruments Collection”?


Each volume consists of a DVD containing live performances and talks and a detailed booklet on the instruments and the music pieces.

 DVD: Highlights are contained from the recorded videos of the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments lecture Concerts.
 Booklet: A description and pictures of the instrument, an interpretation of the music pieces, and performer’s profile are contained.

Recorded musical instruments

Vol.1 Blanchet Harpsichord
Vol.2 Pleyel Piano
Pleyel Piano
Vol.3 Tsugaru-Jamisen
Vol.4 Nagauta Shamisen
Nagauta Shamisen