The following websites are related to musical instruments and music.
They contain interesting articles about musical instruments, variety of concerts, and performers in the world.
You will enjoy them.

Links with the “World of Musical Instruments Collection” DVDs

Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments

This is one of the largest museums specialized in the musical instruments in the world. Under the concept, “to exhibit the world’s musical instruments from unbiased and equal perspective,” its permanent exhibition boosts more than 1200 musical instruments. Besides, many different events such as planned exhibitions and concerts are produced.

ExaWizards Inc.

The DVD series is planned and produced by ExaWizards Inc. in collaboration with the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments. ExaWizards has made active contribution to the local cultural activities as a professional of video production, website design, and computer software.

Links with the performers

Nakano Shinichiro Official Website (*Japanese page)

This is the official website of Shinichiro Nakano, the performer of the volume 1. His concert schedule and discography for CDs and DVDs are shown here.

Kikuko OGURA / Menuett der Flügel

It’s the official website of Kikuko OGURA who is the performer of the volume 2. Her concert schedule and other information are shown. You can also buy concert tickets, CDs, and DVDs from the website.

Atsushi TADA’s official website (*Japanese page)

The official website of Atsushi TADA who is the performer of the volume 3 is here.
His schedule, an activity diary (weblog), and others are shown.

Live Nagauta Shamisen “DEN no KAI” (*Japanese page)

The official website of Den no Kai group who are the performers of the volume 4 is here.
Their concert schdule and other information are shown.

Links with early musical instruments

The Early Music Magazine Entrée (*Japanese page)

Entrée is the only information magazine which focuses on early music and early musical instruments in Japan. Besides information about books and CDs, the website carries the latest news.

The early music club of Nagoya University (*Japanese page)

A university students’ club plays classical music with period instruments. It plays music from the 9th century to the 18th one using the style in which the music was composed. It gives regular concerts twice a year in June and November.