Vol.1 Blanchet Harpsichord

An exquisite world-class French creation Blanchet Harpsichord

The harpsichord made in 1765 is presented.

Performed here is the harpsichord built by François-Étienne Blanchet II in Paris in 1765.
The Blanchets were a family of harpsichord and piano makers worked for French dynasty for generations and manufactured many exquisite instruments. An old document showed that Blanchet I, the father of Blanchet II, was the best craftsman at that time. After having survived many years of war, the harpsichord arrived at Japan and still alive in a playable condition, which is a miracle in the world. It’s a world treasure and such a masterpiece as Mr. Nakano, a great harpsichordist, said “a great honor for a player.” It revives the sound of Versailles into the 21st century.

The specialty that the Museum restored after spending 10 years.

It was in 1992 that the harpsichord arrived in Japan. Since then, the instrument was displayed in the world’s largest Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, and then restoration started in 1997. After 10 years of maintenance, the first concert outside the museum was held in December, 2007. The pitch usually used in the modern music is around 440 kHz, but when this harpsichord was tuned with 400 kHz which is even lower than for the usual Baroque music, it sounded so beautifully than ever. It’s really a moody and delicate instrument which absorbed the pride and aesthetics of Versailles. Mr. Shinichiro Nakano and the museum staffs learned “the sound of Versailles” from the harpsichord.

The tone that expresses refined and supreme aesthetic consciousness

“How should I pose for giving a yawn today?” – Versailles’s aristocrats lived in a world of beauty which was so dissociated from the real world that they thought like that every day. It was a “rococo” world dominated by ephemeral caprices rather than spirituality. Their aesthetic consciousness was in pursuing the beauty of the tone of the harpsichord itself than melody, which resulted in the decorativeness, beauty, lightness, and gorgeousness of their music. The tone lived through the times was re-created at the concert hall of today.

Performed by: Shinichiro NAKANO

This DVD contains the performance and talk by Shinichiro NAKANO who has a great success as a harpsichordist at home and abroad. You can watch the videos at his hands with his super-excellent techniques, which counts for much because a harpsichord is an instrument without pedals. It also contains the talks with demonstration on the sound of a harpsichord and how to play. It will satisfy even a beginner.

A full-colored 16-page explanatory booklet is attached with beautiful Blanchet pictures.

A full-colored 16-page booklet (Japanese/English) is attached. It contains an introduction to the musical instrument by Director Shima, Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, and the music interpretation by Shinichiro NAKANO. The beautiful Blanchet pictures taken from different angles are also shown. Collectors should all buy this!


第1巻 ブランシェのチェンバロ
1. An introduction to Blanchet harpsichord(Lecture)
2. Les Lis naissans /F. Couperin(Performance)
3. The sound of Versailles(Lecture)
4. Les Tendres Plaintes /J.-Ph. Rameau(Performance)
5. Finger techniques(Lecture)
6. La Marche des Scythes /J. N. P. Royer(Performance)
7. Jupiter /A. Forqueray(Performance)
8. The charm of Rococo music(Lecture)
9. Les Graces /J. Duphly(Performance)
10. La Victoire /J. Duphly(Performance)

– Performed by –
  Shinichiro NAKANO

– Recorded –
  73rd Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments Lecture Concert

  “The Beauty of Harpsichord Music of the French Versailles School in the 18th century”

  Actcity Hamamatsu Concert Hall


 Recorded:Japanese / 35min. English / 35min.
 Single DVD
 A commentary booklet written in 2 languages
 Accredited by MEXT Japan

Price:3,000yen(tax not included)