Vol.2 Pleyel Piano

A Pleyel piano of the type loved by Chopin comes back to life.

A Pleyel piano made in 1830; Chopin loved Pleyel pianos throughout his life.

As Chopin said in his word, “When I feel in good form and strong enough to find my own individual sound, then I need a Pleyel piano,” the Pleyel piano has been known as the one Chopin loved the best throughout his life. Being different from modern pianos, it has light and brilliant sound. The harmony when playing ensemble with strings is so beautiful that “you cannot express it in words. (by Mr. Kazuhiko Shima, Director of Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments)” Also Chopin had a very good friendship with Camille Pleyel who was the manager of the piano firm, Pleyel et Cie, and said like this, “When I play a duet with him, I feel as if I am taking a lesson from him.” The airy singing sound of the Pleyel piano was the ideal to Chopin. The Pleyel piano that lived in Chopin’s period brings back the sound of that time to modern world.

Performed with string quintet accompaniment, based on the first German edition in 1833.

Piano Concertos at the time became popular as chamber music played by small members, not as orchestra music which is often played nowadays. They were played in the private salons where various artists gathered so as to talk about the art and play music. Chopin enjoyed playing the piano in that atmosphere. This DVD adopted the music based on the German edition published in 1833. It creates an image of original composition, not a roaring piano over loud orchestra accompaniment but rather an image of a pianist caressing his beloved piano.

Exclusive interview with Kikuko OGURA is included.

Ms. Ogura is an internationally acknowledged pianist who won the 1st prize in fortepiano category of Bruges International Early Music Competition in 1995; it was the 1st time in 9 years (for Japanese, it was in 20 years) as the competition seldom awards the 1st prize. Also, she won the grand prize for her performance of the CD, English Sonata on Broadwood Piano, in the category of recorded media of the Art Festival 2012 of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The DVD includes the interview with her about Chopin’s piano touch etc. with a demonstration using Chopin’s score. She talks from her pianist’s viewpoint.

A full-colored 16-page explanatory booklet contains music interpretation by OGURA.

A full-colored 16-page booklet (Japanese/English) is attached. It contains an introduction to the instruments by SHIMA, Director of Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, and introduction to the music by Kikuko OGURA. Also it contains many photos of Pleyel. If you are a Chopin fan, this DVD is exactly for you!


Vol.2  Pleyel Piano
1. An introduction to the Pleyel Piano

2. Nocturne in E flat major, op.9-2

  Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor,
  op.11 with string quintet
  accompaniment, based on the first German edition
  3. The 1st movement Allegro maestoso E minor 3/4
  4. The 2nd movement Romanze-Larghetto E major
  5. The 3rd movement Rondo-Vivace E major 2/4

6. An interview with Kikuko OGURA

– Appearance –
 Kikuko OGURA (fortepiano)
 Takeshi KIRIYAMA (violin)
 Masayoshi FUJIMURA (violin)
 Satoki NAGAOKA (viola)
 Kaoru HANASAKI (cello)
 Masahiro KOMURO (contrabass)

– Recorded –
 Highlight from the 94th Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments lecture Concert:
   “the Pleyel piano and the sound of the 19th century, accompanied by a string quintet”
 in commemoration of the 7th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition
   Nov. 20, 2009 (Fri)
   Act City Hamamatsu Concert Hall


 Recorded:Japanese / 55min. English / 55min.

 Single DVD

 A commentary booklet written in 2 languages

 Accredited by MEXT Japan

Price:3,000yen(tax not included)