Vol.3 Tsugaru-Jamisen

Beloved Tsugaru-Jamisen; it is played today in Tsugaru as always.

In Hirosaki in Tsugaru, Tsugaru-Jamisen is so popular as to be performed everyday and everywhere. This DVD is performed by important shamisen artist Atsushi TADA, a Tsugaru native who pursues “the true sound of Tsugaru-Jamisen” influenced by the natural environment and cultural traditions of his place of birth. He is renowned for his clean and brilliant plectrum (or shamisen pick) technique, which is simultaneously or in turns dynamic and sensitive.

About Tsugaru-Jamisen

This DVD introduces viewers to the world of Tsugaru-Jamisen. It contains the music performed in Tsugaru at present, and the “Seasons of Tsugaru” performed by the Tsugaru-Jamisen Club of Hirosaki University with seasonal photographs (taken by Akira TOMITA, Associate Professor of Hirosaki University), etc. You can fully enjoy the world of Tsugaru-Jamisen.


Vol.3 Tsugaru-Jamisen
1. Improvisation (performance)
2. A musical instrument capable of great audience
3. Tsugaru Jonkara-bushi Shin-kyu-fushi
  (pre-modern tune)(performance)
4. A talk about shamisen by the museum director
5. Tsugaru Aiya-bushi (performance)
6. The Tsugaru-Jamisen in its home environment
  (talked by Akira TOMITA,
  Associate Professor of Hirosaki University)
7. Seasons of Tsugaru (excerpt)
8. An interview with Atsushi TADA
9. Tsugaru Jonkara-bushi Shin-fushi (modern tune)
  kyokubiki (performed by Shizuka IWASAKI)
10. Tsugaru Jonkara-bushi Shin-fushi (modern tune)
  kyokubiki (performed by Atsushi TADA)
11.  [Special video] Skinning a Tsugaru-Jamisen

– Appearance –
 Atsushi TADA
 Tsugaru-Jamisen Club of Hirosaki University, etc.

– Recorded –
 The highlight from the Hamamatu Museum of Musical Instruments Lecture Concert,
 “Passion and sensitivity; the world of Tsugaru-Jamisen”


 Recorded:Japanese / 33min. English / 33min.
 Single DVD
 A commentary booklet written in 2 languages
 Accredited by MEXT Japan

Price:2,400yen(tax not included)
Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments