Vol.4 Nagauta Shamisen

Japanese traditinal sounds -good old nagauta shamisen-

Expressing the charm of the good old nagauta

The performance by Den no Kai is contained. Two nagauta shamisen performers Kunitoshi Kineya and Tetsukurou Matsunaga formed the group and have been energetically spreading their activities at both home and abroad.
With the passion to express the charm of the good old nagauta and pass it on to people that are currently unfamiliar with it, their performances hold the audience’s attention as well as make them laugh and they are unique in that they both take in traditional techniques and break down traditional images at the same time.

Introducing Japanese traditional sounds

Nagauta has developed its history along with kabuki.
The DVD shows the history and how to enjoy it by the performances and interesting talks.
The performers’ interpretation is worth watching; they talk about how the shamisen music goes with the dramatic play and what kind of scenes or world the Japanese traditional sounds are representing while performing masterpieces.
An original piece by Den no Kai is also contained.


Vol.4 Nagauta Shamisen
1. Introduction (lecture)
2. “Akino Giccho” (performance)
3. Debayashi and Kuromisu music (lecture)
4. Takinagashi-no-Aikata from “Kanjincho” (performance)
5. Japanese music that has been passed down
  continuously (lecture)
6. A piece from “Kyoganoko-Musume-
  Dojoji” (performance)
7. How to enjoy kuromisu music (lecture)
8. “Sensoji-Urano-Ba” (performance)
9. “Sensoji-Urano-Ba” with interpretation
10. “Kawa” (performance)

– Appearance –
Den no Kai (Kunitoshi Kineya & Tetsukurou Matsunaga)

– Recorded –
Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments Lecture Concert
Highlights from “Nagauta Shamisen: The most stylish Edo music”


 Recorded:Japanese / 58min. English / 42min.
 Single DVD
 A commentary booklet written in 2 languages
 Accredited by MEXT Japan

Price:2,400yen(tax not included)